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History of the
Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro

Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro



Scientific research and study of some park areas (archaeological parks) to draw up masterplans for the archaeological parks that define what aspects to promote, accessibility and the services. Acquisition of the areas through compulsory purchases and amicable agreements (Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro, Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, Sterpaia Coastal Park).


Start of works for the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro.


Opening of the Park.


Works to build a Documentation Centre in Villa Lanzi and a hostel at Palazzo Gowett, in the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro.


Opening to the public of the Documentation Centre and the hostel.


Start of activities at the Villa Lanzi Documentation and Training Centre.


Restoration work at Pozzo Earle.


Opening of the “Lanzi – Temperino” Tunnel, the Mining Equipment Museum and the Miners’ Museum.


“Medieval in progress” work site project developed within the framework of the ITALY-FRANCE 2007-2013, ACCESSIT – ITINERARIES OF ACCESSIBLE HERITAGE CROSS-BORDER PROGRAMME link to the research page


Restoration of the Rocca San Silvestro medieval village, financed by the funds of the Regional Project “Investing in Culture” year 2016 Regional Operational Programme FESR 2007-2013 and co-financed by the Town Authorities of Campiglia Marittima.

The restoration works that involved the noble area, the church, the cemetery and part of the high part of the village represented the occasion to experiment a new approach to the planning and performance of the restoration. Archaeologists, architects, tradesmen and experts in accessibility worked together on the design and recovery stages, experimenting the application in the restoration of mortar reproduced according to the techniques used in medieval times. link to the research page


The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, with decree no. 111 of the Regional Secretariat dated 31 July 2019, placed in protected status “seven sites” in the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro, acknowledging their cultural interest.

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