Suvererto (LI), Campiglia (LI), Piombino (LI), Massa Marittima (GR), Follonica (GR)

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Covering 7000 hectares between the Valley of Cornia and Pecora, in the range of hills between Massa Marittima and Superato. These hills, of a medium height, are covered by woods, especially Holm-Oak, and represent a landscape of vegetation closely tied to the work of man, in particular to the production of coal and timber.
In the heart of the park, man has left his mark in the remains of the alum quarries and the Napoleonic mining village which was founded by Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister.
Also of great interest is the wildlife of the park, for the notable number of hoofed animals running free in the area: wild boar, fallow deer and roe deer.
Within the Park, covering two provinces, occupying the territory of the two bordering provinces, Livorno and Grosseto, there are two natural state reserves: the Marsiliana (440hectares) and Poggio Tre Cancelli (100 hectares).

Provincial Park (L.R.49/1995)