carbonaia 7Every year on the First of May, this job (or art) which has almost disappeared, is brought back to life thanks to the Via del Carbone, a demonstration organized by the Hunting Committee of Sassetta, with the support of the Municipality of Sassetta, Comunità Montana Colline Metallifere, the Province of Livorno and the District of the Val di Cornia. The art of the Charcoal burner is now almost extinct and continues to live thanks to the testimony of men who dedicated much of their lives to this antique way of working. In this special event, visitors of all ages can observe the various stages of this working of charcoal through the skilful techniques of real charcoal burners: from the transport of the wood with the mules, to the preparation of the charcoal piles, to the cooking of the wood in the piles, to the spectacular extraction of the charcoal, and to the loading of this onto the mules.