Individual and family: Free admission, free visiting with the exception of the system behind the dunes and to the forest of centuries-old oaks and its poetic-artistic itinerary : there is a charge for this service, and it is exclusively by reservation Bookings office.
The route is easy, forming a flat circuit, also with disabled access. The duration is around 2 hours.
Schools and groups: Guided tours and teaching workshops: activities available for a charge on reservation, with the support of a guide.



The Sterpaia Coastal Park includes a large Coastal Public Parking system, from Perelli 1-2 to Torremozza areas. The Public Parking nearest to the Sterpaia Wood is in Carlappiano area.


Tourist Services

Map: click here to see the map of the area

Pic- nic areas: these are located in many points between Perelli to Torremozza

Tourist structures
Perelli 1: Bagno Pascià bathing establishmenty - restaurant La Pinetina
Perelli 2: La Capannina bathing establishment and restaurant
Località Perelli 3: spiaggia attrezzata "BAGNO ORIZZONTE"
Carlappiano: "BAGNO SKIUMA" bathing establishmenty, "LA BARACCHINA" restaurant, "CURACAO" equipped beach
Parco Sterpaia: “IL NANO VERDE” bar&beach services renting
Mortelliccio: "BAGNO ELIA" barhing establishment, "LA BARACCHINA VERDE" restaurant
Il Pino: "LUNA BEACH" bar&beach services renting
Carbonifera: "ONDA BLU" bathing establishment, "IL PINO" restaurant, "CALYPSO" equipped beach, "PAPPASOLE" camping & equipped beach
Torremozza: "TORRE MOZZA" restaurant


Useful Advices

Outdoor clothing with trekking boots and sunhat is advised in the summer months; don’t forget to bring some mosquito repellent for the visit to the woods of the Park of the Sterpaia.
Access for the disabled
Telephone the Information Office for any detail: 0565 226445 o 261142.
All bathing establishments in the area of the coast east of Piombino/Park of the Sterpaia have been completed in accordance with the criteria of full accessibility for the disabled. In the central part of the Sterpaia, close to the restaurant point “Il Nano Verde”, there is a protected route for reaching the sandy shore and the washing facilities accessible to all.
In addition, the area of the Parks has been provided with invaluable service equipment for guaranteeing all users a pleasant and comfortable stay. Of the 8 newly constructed sets of washing facilities, 4 have disabled access in the following area: “Carlappiano”, “Sterpaia”, “Mortelliccio”, “Il Pino”. 
In addition, four running boards have been erected to enable small wheeled means (pushchairs, wheelchairs) to cross the dunes. These are clearly indicated on the road signs. Special grills connected to the running boards enable the disabled to arrive as far as the sea in the bathing establishment of perelli 2, perelli 3, Carlappiano, Mortelliccio, Carbonifera, Pappasole (some of these have a special bathing pushchair) and in the free beach of Bosco della Sterpaia.