Since the start of the system of the Val di Cornia Parks, teaching for schools has played an important role, determining the specific choices of management and investments aimed at constantly improving what is on offer.

The teaching objectives can be synthesised as follows:

  • Acquaintance with the historical archaeological assets, in order to create new interpretations for the study of past civilizations and, at the same time, create an awareness of the need for increasingly larger respect for the Cultural Assets, the great wealth of our country;
  • Acquaintance with the natural resources also with regard to the availability of raw materials and their exploitation by man;
  • Ancient production experimentation in order to retrace the developments and techniques which changed the rapport between environment, man and work, outlining the economic history in this territory
  • Acquisition of the fundamental principles and the methodology for scientific research (historical, archaeological, geological and naturalistic research)
  • Outside orienteering training and the relation between the situation and the shapes of its representation

Our visit suggestions

  • one-day educational trips which foresee excursions accompanied by our guides along the archaeological and naturalistic routes in the parks and the museums of the territory;
  • one-day educational trips with laboratory activities involving experimental archaeology and environmental education;
  • one or two-day educational trips which bring together the experimental archaeological laboratory activities with the environmental education performed outside or in equipped classrooms.


Booking is necessary for the group and school visits to all the Parks and Museums, arranging the visit with the Booking Office of the Val di Cornia Parks.
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