For outdoor tourism lovers, the Parks and the entire Val di Cornia territory introduces itself as the ideal place for a holiday with ancient tastes, history, culture and nature.
A mixture of emotions, suggestions and flavours allow you to rediscover "the Tuscany essence", routes that  you can only find in these places, far away from large, chaotic cities, surrounded by landscapes and rich tradition.
For those who love trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and more, the whole country is full of panoramic, archaeological and naturalistic trekking paths. You can take a walk with a view of the sea or cross the lush Mediterranean vegetation.
Instead, for those who like travelling by motor home and caravan, Val di Cornia offers outdoor tourism routes that integrate well with other forms of sustainable tourism, to discover parts of the special and hidden Tuscany.
You just have to come and discover ... the Tuscany that you do not expect!



Piombino Headland

Paths that cross and connect the Val di Cornia Parks

carta trekking ValDiCornia




    Trekking map - Cornia Valley - (2,5 Mb - Download)





carta trekking montioni




    Trekking map - Montioni - (3,1 Mb - Download)









It is possible to visit the Val di Cornia and its parks and museums by taking advantage of the following parking areas located throughout the area.

- Sterpaia Coastal Park: Perelli 1, Perelli 2, Perelli 3, Mortelliccio, Carbonifera, Torre Mozza 1 and 2.  You can offload water and sewage waste & replenish new water supplies in the parking lot of Perelli 3 and Carbonifera.
- Loc. Caldanelle, crossroads of Baratti
- Street of Via della Pace

Campiglia Marittima
- Località La Pieve
- Calidario thermal centre, Venturina Terme
- Via del Lavoro (street), Venturina Terme

- Via dei forni (street)