Anyone can find his or her corner of "paradise" in “Val di Cornia”: whether you are looking for a crowded beach, or wanting to relax, enjoy unspoiled landscapes, or need a “safe” place for children to swim, you can combine these with the fun discovery of history at the Val di Cornia Parks and museums.
The news of the 2016, Val di Cornia Parks system, is the multi-sensory path of the Archaeological Museum of Populonia Territory, "The Museum touches all 5 senses".

parchi musei da vivere in famiglia
Three new teaching locations allow everyone, disabled people included,  to understand and to fully enjoy the three symbols of the ancient history of Populonia: The Tomb of the Carri  (Chariots) (the best preserved Etruscan funerary monument in Baratti and Populonia archaeological Park), the Roman mosaic named "of the Fish", and the silver amphora of Baratti, which are certainly among the most significant finds of the Museum. But the scale model of the finds, the audio and videos mainly represent an exciting tactile-visual-auditory experience that everyone can do, a new, simple and appealing way to "bring the story to life", even for the youngest and for people with limited knowledge on the subject.
The Museum has also been chosen by UNICEF to create a Baby Pit Stop. Breastfeeding mothers have a  space dedicated for them, with a chair and a changing table.

It is important for families with children who want to discover the history of this area, alongside the many educational attractions already in the Park system of Val di Cornia.

An example: the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia tells the story of Populonia, the only Etruscan city by the sea. Every  weekend in spring and every day in summer, archaeology takes shape in the experimental archaeology "Davide Mancini" centre with educational workshops on the ancient techniques of working.

What about a charming trip to the earth's heart? In the Archaeological-Mineral Park of San Silvestro in Campiglia Marittima, by foot or on a characteristic train popular with youngsters, the tourist will live the unique experience by travelling along the extraction and ore processing areas.
The mine route (in which the temperature is 13-14 ° C) and the route of the mining train represent a fun and different way to experience "history."

So much to offer and to discover in Val di Cornia, for a holiday ... family-sized.