CampigliaXIIsecolo medioevo

The Rocca occupies a semi-circular area on the highest hill in Campiglia and is surrounded by a castle wall punctuated by bastions. The area includes the keep or dungeon, an ancient cistern, the magnificent crenellated wall with mullioned window of the Lord’s palace (11th to 15th centuries) and the 1930’s waterworks. The castle complex includes an area that is in use as a public park.
Corazzina medioevoArchaeological finds from the excavations at the Rocca are on display in the keep. As well as everyday artefacts (pots, personal objects, games), of special note is an almost complete piece of body armour, a helmet and a small collection of arms belonging to the Pisan garrison that occupied the tower adjacent to the cistern from 1287. Found in the layers of the castle’s rubbish tip was a stone inscribed in 1380 by one Baldo or Baldino, evoking a battle. The exhibits are enhanced by panels providing background information on the customs of civil and military life in Medieval Tuscany.Inside the modern waterworks building, graphic reconstructions and photographs enable the visitor to follow the evolution of urban Campiglia Marittima from the 12th to the 14th centuries.