The Park of Baratti Populonia is located within the Gulf of Baratti, which can be reached from the provincial road of the Principessa SP 23 joining San Vincenzo to Piombino, with ample signposting in place. Brown directional tourist signs are present at the San Vincenzo exit north of the SS Aurelia 1 bis, on the entrance road to Piombino (at Fiorentine), on the road Aurelia 1, one km north of Venturina.

The internal road to the Gulf (with controlled access – information on the acces to the Gulf of Populonia for cars and buses) leads, after 2 km, to the entrance to the Park, sea side, where the car park of the Park is situated (Casone).

Following this road along the Gulf and climbing up towards the village of Populonia, it arrives at the mountain of the Park, exactly in the area of the current village of upper Populonia.

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