Piombino (LI)

Via della Geodetica, Piombino (LI)


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Here we have a rare and highly-prized humid forest, which was typical of the landscape of the ancient coast of the Maremma. Miraculously surviving deforestation, it was reclaimed by the municipal authority after the unauthorised lotting of the 1970s.
A magical place where the visitor can wander among centuries-old oaks in the company of the small animals that live there, finally reaching the sandy dunes and the sea itself.

stagno sterpaia 01

The Park stretches along the Livornese Tyrrhenian coast, in the wide gulf between Piombino and Follonica.
It occupies an area of about 296 hectares of the territory of the municipal district of Piombino, and is made up of:

  • 17 hectares of beach along 10 Km of coast

  • 124 hectares of dunes and dune hinterland

  • 155 hectares of woodland and areas deforested for cultivation

    The coast of the park is presented with a slight crescent shape, relatively deep and gently sloping towards the sea, with fine white sand bound by a narrow dune. Its profile is marked by various towers, whose presence has specific historical reasons.

Parco costiero Sterpaia Guido Coz

The roads leading to the access of the park and the beaches start from the so-called “geodetic” linking Piombino and Riotorto; an articulated system of car parks enables controlled access to many beaches of the coast.

It is a natural area Protected by Local Interest (L.R.49/1995).

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