Horizons in the Park 1998. 

barto 7 01"Horizons in the Park" is a form of collaboration between an artist (Dario Bartolini) and a company such as the Val di Cornia Parks, and in particular with the Park of San Silvestro. This place expresses intensely the culture which it went through in the past, which is also the culture of the present, scientific and political: impossible not to be excited about!
The poetics of the artist can not be set aside from the place in which he works. In this sense, two months of work on site (and the work is still not finished) are a homage to time, the place and to those who have seen them. "Horizons", because explaining my work requires the momentary separation between line and base, therefore the research of a horizon adapted for seeing the shape against the sky or a homogeneous surface. Against the distraction and the information overload, we thus seek our own horizons in order to distinguish better, as we do in our lives. After, it will be easy to recognize the shape even with a varied, rich and complex base.
These works are modified lines for building shapes or simple spaces. Work which is different from that of the sculptor who cuts the subject from the block of stone or adds wax to the model. Instable works as changeable and unforeseeable as those behold them. Fragile, short-lived and balanced, adapted to an impervious ground. Works which are transformed slowly (rust pulverizes iron, hail shatters glass) encompassed by nature, temporary works.

"From Memory to Substance - Valle Lanzi and Pozzo Earle" - Photos by Giovanni Breschi

"The trees and the poetry"