Teaching for groups and schools

Upon reservation, it is possible to conduct guided visits for groups and schools (entire visit: 2 hours).
Upon request, it is possible to arrange in-depth study visits on specific themes and periods.

Archaeological Experimental Laboratories

Stone polishing
Making pottery
Etruscan writing
From the archaeological dig to the museum
The mosaicist's workshop


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Current Year
Teaching show “The Etruscan Goldsmith”
Previous years
28/7/2001 Opening
20/4/2002 Mosaic show “The sea in a room”
6/4/2003 Increase in the collection (offering tomb collection- arms deposit- aquarium relicts of the shaft- Attic vases)
6/7/2003 Opening of the educational exhibition “The Banquet Room”
2/7/2004 Treasure coin exhibition “Treasure from the Sea”
18/12/2004 New exhibition integrating the mosaic and treasure coins
23(7/2005 Donation of Attico vase
17/12/2005 Educational show on food
2/12/2006 Educational Show “The Etruscan Goldsmith

The museum deals with the record-keeping of the paper cataloguing of its collection (an activity undertaken since 2001 thanks to a project funded by the Regional Council and coordinated by the Association of Archaeological Museums of Tuscany). In addition, the Museum has handled the cataloguing of the artefacts unearthed in 1997-98 by the archaeological excavations performed during the completion of the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia.

The restoration activity
The restoration laboratory of the Museum has developed as a reference point during the archaeological research in the territory, in particular in the Park of Baratti and Populonia, and for the preparation of temporary and permanent shows. In the store are deposited the artefacts which were unearthed by archaeological digs in 1997-98 performed during the completion of the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia and are currently being restored.

This can be visited upon request for students and small groups with a guide of the specialized staff.
In addition, it is available for restoration operations on antique and modern ceramic with specialized consultancy.