The Val di Cornia Parks and Museum have accesible facilities (visitor centres, refreshment points, protected routes and accomodation facilities).

Telephone the Information Office for any detail: 0565 226445

Archeological Park of Baratti and Populonia (Baratti Gulf)

Access for the disabled is permitted to the Visitor Centre, on the route of the Necropolis of San Cerbone and on the route of the Via delle Cave as far as Campo all’Arpia, on the monumental route of the area of the Acropolis and naturally in the places and routes where the disabled themselves consider possible with regard to their handicap. Go to the facilities page 

Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro (Campiglia

Access for the disabled is permitted to the Museum of Temperino; with regard to the interior of the Mine of Temperino, only a few sections are can be accessed accompanied by a guide or a Park operator. In addition, access is possible to the Museum of the Mining Machinery and the Miners, situated in the Earle Shaft Area and on the train in the Lanzi - Temperino Tunnel. The Park has an accomodation facility fully accesible to disabled people. Moreover the Villa Lanzi Documentation Centre is totally accesible. Go to the facilities page 

Archaeological Museum of the Territory of Populonia (Piombino)

There are no architectonic barriers, although there are lifts and stairlifts for the disabled. Go to the facilities page

Castle and Medieval Pottery Museum (Piombino)

Unfortunately, the lift for access to the upper floors is not working during this period

Coastal Park of Sterpaia (Piombino)

All bathing establishments in the area of the coast east of Piombino/Park of the Sterpaia have been completed in accordance with the criteria of full accessibility for the disabled. In the central part of the Sterpaia, close to the restaurant point “Il Nano Verde”, there is a protected route for reaching the sandy shore and the washing facilities accessible to all.
In addition, the area of the Parks has been provided with invaluable service equipment for guaranteeing all users a pleasant and comfortable stay. Of the 8 newly constructed sets of washing facilities, 4 have disabled access in the following area: “Carlappiano”, “Sterpaia”, “Mortelliccio”, “Il Pino”.
In addition, four running boards have been erected to enable small wheeled means (pushchairs, wheelchairs)
to cross the dunes. These are clearly indicated on the road signs. Special grills connected to the running boards enable the disabled to arrive as far as the sea in the bathing establishment of perelli 2, perelli 3, Carlappiano, Mortelliccio, Carbonifera, Pappasole (some of these have a special bathing pushchair) and in the free beach of Bosco della Sterpaia. Go to the facilities page.

Coastal Park of Rimigliano (San Vincenzo)

Access is possible at the footpath n. 8 (Podere Tuscania), the footpath n. 10 (Al Tramonto) and the footpath n. 4 (Lago Verde). The protected route leading to the sandy shore is indicated by special signs. The Park has an accomodation facility fully accesible to disabled people. Go to the facilities page.

Natural Park of Montioni (Sassetta, Suvereto, Piombino)

The Park has an accomodation facility fully accesible to disabled people.

Forestry Park of Poggio Neri (Sassetta)

To enable everyone to enjoy this natural resource, a path suitable for wheelchairs has been provided. The path has an overall length of 500m within a wood of Mediterranean scrub, specially protected by safety fences. Meeting point “Bufalaio (around 1.5km from Sassetta on the Provincial Road Sassetta-Suvereto). Go to the facilities page.